Celebrity Hijack: Roseanne Barr takes over!

American comedienne Roseanne Barr is set to reduce the housemates to fits of giggles (or tears) now that she’s taken over the Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack house.

The controversial TV star, 55, has made the housemates spend all day preparing a stand-up routine, which they must perform later on to the others.

And Roseanne suggested comedy topics ranging from the trouble with men and women to failed relationships, their family – and they could even send up their own talent.

Housemates will get training from Roseanne on how to deliver their routines and handle hecklers and they must learn their routines by heart, before performing it on a specially-constructed stage.

After the task, Roseanne will crown one pair ‘most funny’ and another ‘least funny’.

The winning pair will receive a luxury treat later that day and the group will win a luxury menu the following night if each pair can make her laugh at least once during their act.

Earlier on Wednesday, she introduced herself to the house: “Hi everybody, this is Roseanne Barr. I’m hijacking the House today, now get your asses over to the sofas!”

When they were slow to respond, she barked: “I said GET YOUR ASSES OVER TO THE SOFAS!

“You’re all very young,” she added, “So you should be moving faster. I hate young people.”

After she explained the task, she said: “Try to keep your material clean… because we don’t want you to f****** swear.”

Watch all the action on E4 on Thursday from 9pm.

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