Celebrity Hijack: Wright takes over

Former footballer Ian Wright will be the latest star to take over the

Celebrity Hijack chair – and assume command of the housemates – on Saturday.

Wright will be the second celebrity to take control of Big Brother, following Matt Lucas, who kicked off proceedings on Thursday night.

Matt departed after naming songwriter Calista the most talented and politician John the least talented – and setting Jeremy, Nathan and Anthony a cake-baking challenge which they passed with flying colours.

“I will miss the good, the bad, the highs, the lows, the cherries and the nuts,” he told the housemates.

During his time in charge, Matt also set John the task of saying and doing everything he said while the other housemates were arriving – leading to some embarrassing moments for the young politician.

Actor Alan Cumming will also be ‘hijacking’ the house over the weekend, while Kelly Osbourne will preside over the first set of nominations, due on Monday.

Other celebrities due to hijack Big Brother include comedian Jimmy Carr, OAP comic Joan Rivers and American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

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