Celebrity Hijack: Wrighty sets a noisy task

Celebrity Hijack‘s latest star Ian Wright arrived in the house on Saturday – and wasted no time in setting the contestants a challenging task.

The first part of the two-part task saw the housemates divided into pairs, with one from each pair having to listen to white noise on specially adapted earphones while the other was played a series of sound effects.

After each sound effect is played each housemate had to act it out to their partner, who had to then try and guess what it was.

The group were told they must collectively guess 20 of the effects correctly in order to pass the first part of the task.

The second part tested the housemates’ footballing skills, as they were given the challenge of scoring a penalty kick on the football pitch in the garden.

However, they were ordered to take the kick while wearing goggles which reduces their vision to a pinprick.

Eventually a team fronted by Latoya which also included Emilia, Jeremy, John, Victor and Jay scored a victory over a team led by Jade.

As a reward they were given a party, but the losing team were not allowed to attend and ordered to stay in the bedroom wearing their earphones and goggles.

However the winners soon took pity on them and allowed them to join in, as Wrighty said his goodbyes.

Earlier in the day, the former footballer received an enthusiastic response from the housemates, who were thrilled to hear he was the new voice of Big Brother.

“We’re your biggest fans here,” whooped Amy. “Nathan’s read your book!”

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