Michael Barrymore will discuss his fall from grace and the death of Stuart Lubbock, the man found dead in his swimming pool after a party, when he appears on The Jeremy Kyle Show next month.

The former TV star is taking part in one of a series of celebrity specials on the daytime show.

Michael’s career was effectively ended when Mr Lubbock was found dead in the grounds of his Essex mansion in March 2001 with internal injuries suggesting the 31-year-old was the victim of a sexual assault before his death.

The entertainer, who has spoken openly about his struggle with drink and drugs, has previously described the events as ‘just a party that went disastrously wrong, with a tragic ending’.

Other famous names lined up include former Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, who will discuss his struggles with drugs, and Tara Palmer-Tompkinson.

An ITV spokeswoman said none of the celebrities would be challenged to take a lie-detector test – a common feature on the show.

Jeremy’s confrontational programmes frequently feature families with difficult relationships and are often seen as an example of ‘broken Britain’.

During a 2007 court case, after a guest headbutted a love rival who was also on the show, a judge claimed the programme was ‘human bear-baiting which goes under the guise of entertainment’.

The shows will screen on ITV for a week from Monday, June 9 and also feature former Coronation Street star Liz Dawn and Michael Jackson’s brother Tito.

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