Channel 4 shows including Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night have been left off the voting forms for the Bafta Television Awards.

Lists of nominated programmes were sent out without the shows, which also include Derren Brown’s The Events, reports The Independent.

Six thousand members of the academy were asked to vote and 300 had already replied with their choices before the gaffe was noticed.

They are being given the chance to make their choices again from the lists that now includes the Channel 4 shows.

A source told the newspaper: “A lot of the production companies who have made the programmes that were omitted feel that they have been short-changed.

“Had these been BBC programmes, there would have been much more of a fuss.”

Bafta claimed that the mistake was due to ‘human error’ and said: “Upon the first round of voting for the television awards opening to the membership on Tuesday, March 2, a number of omissions were spotted.

“The lists were immediately investigated, a human error discovered and amendments made online that afternoon.”

They added: “Each has been contacted individually to make them aware of the omissions and to give them the opportunity to submit their vote again before the deadline on Tuesday 9 March.

“By doing so, Bafta is satisfied that the entries originally omitted have been presented fairly to every voter in this first round, and that neither the integrity of the voting process, nor the chances of any entrant, have been affected in any way as a result of this error.”