Team Versatile, headed up by Gary Poulton, lost this week’s Apprentice task, planning and hosting a children’s birthday party.

The team, consisting of Charleine Wain, Joseph Valente and David Stevenson, made only £396.20 profit on their assault course party versus Connexus’s mini Olympics day which made £614.21.

The Apprentice



When the four were left in the boardroom, Gary had to make a difficult decision which, first of all, he tried to pass onto Charleine and Joseph by making them pick among themselves which one would come back.

When he eventually – at Lord Sugar’s prodding – chose Joseph, one of the best boardroom moments happened: thinking she was off the hook, Charleine bolted for the exit.

Cue Claude Littner: “Where do you think you’re going?”


Lord Sugar might have thought it was ‘presumptuous’, but everyone else loved it.





That treat with Mo Farah was worth it then, eh, Charleine?

Ultimately, though, Charleine survived and Lord Sugar fired David Stevenson.

He said: “David, I do believe that today you have a lot to answer to. £175 wasted on these t-shirts. I wish you well David, but I’ve concluded that you’re not going to be my business partner.”