Charles Venn: ‘Casualty’s 30th will live up to the hype’

Casualty star Charles Venn reveals his high hopes for Casualty’s 30th Anniversary episode and what viewers can expect…

Last week Casualty ended its 30th series on a literal cliffhanger, with clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and daughter Grace (Emily Carey) plummeting over a ravine in her car.

What’s on TV talked to Casualty star Charles Venn, who plays senior nurse Jacob Masters. He revealed the Casualty cast and crew were also struggling with the four-week break between last week’s episode and the much-anticipated 30th Anniversary on BBC1 on August 27th.

But he promised fans the feature-length anniversary episode (which has been over a year in the planning) will be worth the wait…

Casualty's 30th Anniversary

Charles Venn promises a smashing time during Casualty’s 30th Anniversary


Charles, Casualty fans are struggling with the wait for the 30th Anniversary episode…
“I know, it’s absolute torture! If they’re struggling, we are too. But we’ve got some wonderful teasers and a great media campaign together to whet the audience’s appetite.”

Is there excitement behind the scenes with the cast and crew?
“Very much so. This whole period leading up to episode one of series 31 – the feature-length Anniversary episode – has been palpable. You can feel the excitement in the air.”

What’s the consensus behind the scenes?
“We’ve done something special. I’m adamant it will live up to the hype.”

Can you give us a taste of what’s going to follow last week’s cliffhanger?
“Jacob hasn’t seen Steph (Tonicha Lawrence) go off in her car after Connie and Grace in a blind, seething rage, so he’s none the wiser about how the situation’s escalated.”

Casualty crash

Will Connie and Grace escape with their lives?


What’s Jacob up to?
“Jacob’s very much involved in helping set up everything for Charlie’s 30th anniversary at the hospital. Charlie (Derek Thompson) is unaware there’s wonderful celebration planned to mark his 30th year at Holby ED. And everyone is trying their best to keep it on the down low.”

Casualty's 30th Anniversary

Cakes were possibly hurt during the making of Casualty’s 30th Anniversary


Can we assume from the trailer it doesn’t go to plan?
“There’s going to be a huge curveball, no doubt about it! The audience won’t expect what transpires and where it leads to…”

Casualty's 30th anniversary

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a clue to what happens during Casualty’s 30th anniversary


Casualty’s anniversary episode screens on BBC1 on August 27. Guest stars include Rosie Marcel, Guy Henry and Alex Walkinshaw from sister series Holby City. Plus some familiar faces from the long-running medical drama’s past.

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