Charlie Sheen is expected to return to the set of Two and a Half Men on Tuesday, according to his publicist.

The 44-year-old actor is in the process of leaving the rehab facility he entered on February 23, says Hollywood Reporter.

Charlie is due to appear in court on Monday on domestic abuse charges after he was arrested on Christmas Day last year following a fight with his wife, Brooke Mueller, at their home in Aspen, Colorado.

He was later charged with menacing, misdemeanour assault and criminal mischief against his wife.

Two and a Half Men will have been shut down for three weeks if Sheen returns to the studio next week.

Although filming on Two and Half Men will have been halted for three weeks if Charlie returns to the studio next week, the comedy’s creator and the CBS network have expressed their continued support for the star.

They said in a statement: “We wish him nothing but the best as he deals with this personal matter.”