Charlie Sheen has called for viewers to ‘mass boycott’ his ex-wife Denise Richard’s reality show.

Speaking at a special premiere of the latest series of his TV show Two And A Half Men, Charlie was clearly still fuming about a court’s decision to grant Denise permission to have their two kids filmed for the programme.

He raged: “You don’t go to court and take a stand if you don’t firmly believe in it. You know it’s just a situation where the world is upside down sometimes. I think we should all just boycott the thing, do a mass boycott.”

Charlie’s fellow castmates were giving him their full backing. Jon Cryer added that Charlie ‘seems to be resigned to it but I can’t imagine he’s thrilled’.

Holland Taylor, who plays Charlie’s mum on the show, sprung to the defence of her TV son: “I know he is appalled by it, I can’t quote him but I think everyone has been like ‘What?!’. Denise said something like, ‘I asked the kids if they wanted to do it – they said yes’.

“Well, they’re two and three. I don’t think a two or three-year-old can decide whether they want to be on television or not. I don’t get it.”

Denise’s show will screen on US showbiz network E!