Charlotte Church has said that she loved being pregnant, but childbearing has taken its toll on her body.

The singer-songwriter, broadcaster and mother of Ruby, aged two, and seven-month-old Dexter, told Hello! magazine her hips were painful when she was pregnant.

“I suffer badly with aching hips when I’m pregnant and last time, with Dexter, it was so painful,” she said.

“We definitely want more kids, though, but we think we’ll wait a few years now till Ruby goes to school,” her rugby star partner Gavin Henson said.

The couple were speaking in an exclusive interview with Hello! to coincide with Dexter’s christening.

The pair threw a party to celebrate the event at the family’s farmhouse in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales with more than 100 guests.

“Hopefully we’ll get married at some point, but it’s not a priority or something we’re planning at the moment,” said Gavin.