Charlotte Church tells OK! of hard labour

Charlotte Church has revealed she went into labour in a B&Q car park.

Baby Ruby was born 12 days ago and Charlotte recalled how her contractions began in B&Q’s car park as the couple showed off their new arrival in OK! magazine.

“He’d accidentally locked me in the car and the alarm was going off, so people were coming out of B&Q hearing the alarm and looking at the car, and then seeing it’s Charlotte Church in there.

“I was just trying to hide but couldn’t – just sitting there having contractions!” she said.

Ironically, despite showing off baby Ruby in OK! magazine, Charlotte’s mother Maria is convinced that the star may quit showbiz after discovering the joys of motherhood.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns her back on fame as well. She never looked for it – it found her,” she said.

“All she cares about is being a good mother. And she’s doing a pretty good job so far.”

Maria, 42, added: “She has hung up her partying shoes for good. You won’t be seeing her out on the town for a long while. And she is totally off the booze. In fact, at the moment she’s not bothered about having it ever again.”

Ruby Megan was born on September 20.

“She said it was the most exhilarating, wonderful and painful experience she’s ever had. She found it difficult to put it into words how she felt.

“She also said the pain was indescribable – she’s never felt pain like it. But it didn’t put her off,” Maria said.

“She said she would do it all again. More than anything she wants to have a big family. And she didn’t swear during the whole thing. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!”

Maria said her daughter is already shedding some of her baby weight as a result of breastfeeding but is in no hurry to regain her figure: “She doesn’t care about losing weight. In fact, she said she doesn’t give a damn.”

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