Charlotte geared up for second series

Charlotte Church thinks that the first series of her C4 chatshow left room for improvement.

And she apparently described her role as chatshow host as a bit “unprofessional” – but insists she got better and is a hard task master.

The singer told The Sun: “When the first show went out, I was really proud. But now I can see I looked a bit unprofessional and some bits just weren’t right.

“I’m quite harsh with myself in that respect. Mainly because I don’t like watching myself.

“I always think, ‘You idiot, what are you doing? What are you making that face for?’ But I think I definitely got better.”

Charlotte also said her boyfriend Gavin Henson watched each show in the studio and gave her honest advice.

Speaking in an interview on the C4 website, she said: “Even when the show starts, even though you want it to be slick and professional, it’s still going to be a big learning curve for me.

“The last show of the series will probably be 10 times better than the first show of the series. We’re going to try and make a high-energy show that hasn’t got one minute where you want to turn over. Hopefully it’ll be really quick and really funny.”

The Charlotte Church Show will return to C4 on February 23 at 10pm.