One of the tracks on Cher Lloyd’s forthcoming debut album may be blocked by producer Will I Am as a result of Cheryl Cole’s exit from the US X Factor.

The Black Eyed Peas singer had recorded the duet with the teenage singer, who finished fourth in the 2010 series of the show – but according to the Sunday Mirror he is now refusing to hand the track over to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco with whom Cher has a deal.

Will had taken Cher, who was mentored by Cheryl Cole on the show, under his wing during the series – but he is now reported to be so upset with Simon following Cheryl’s departure from The X Factor that he is considering severing ties with them.

“He wanted to sign Cher from the get-go and and work on her career,” a source told the paper, “but she signed to Syco affiliate Modest Management because of what her contract said after the show. So he was miffed to start with.”

“Now with everything that’s happened to Cheryl and the fact he’s managing her too he’s decided to play hardball with Syco. He’s refusing to send the track into them and they just don’t know what’s happening.”

“Cher was counting on it being a single but it looks like it will have to be pulled.”

It comes as a fresh blow for the singer after a snippet of one of her songs, Swagger Jagger, was leaked online late last week to a largely negative reaction from both critics and public.