Cher Lloyd has meltdown during secret X Factor gig

Fresh fears for X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd after she reportedly suffered an on-stage meltdown during a private concert for fans this week.

The 17-year-old reportedly stormed out of the midweek concert in tears.

Cher sang three songs for the 100 excited competition winners at the event, but shocked fans when she labelled the show’s studio audience ‘disgusting’.

The singer, who has spoken about how upset she was after being booed on last week’s show, sobbed ‘Why does everyone hate me?’, before being whisked into a bathroom to compose herself.

A source inside the X Factor house told The Mirror: “Cher is struggling again. She keeps threatening to quit the show, saying if it wasn’t for her contract she’d be out.

“She’s had a series of strops and rants and has been a bit of a nightmare. The patience of some staff has finally run out.”

Cher’s episode was her second this week after she reportedly refused to attend the Narnia film premiere in London’s Leicester Square.

Speaking about how she’s feeling Cher said: “Being booed ripped my heart out. The thing that pulled me through was thinking about the people who picked up that phone for me and the people who like me for me.

“The One Direction boys are great to be with in the house. They’ll give me a hug occasionally and then I feel safe.

“Being away from my family has been frightening. I’m just me, but sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in a famous person’s body.

“I have my moments but I’m still learning and I have the same insecurities as everyone my age. I have opinions and sometimes I put them across in the wrong words.”