X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been named as a top role model for Britain’s kids.

The Girls Aloud star was rated as a positive influence by 40 percent of participants in a survey, coming second only to David Beckham who was favoured by 55 percent asked.

However, the survey found that children are less likely to look up to adults than in the past and almost two thirds of those asked felt that children do not have appropriate role models.

Director of The Children’s Society’s National Mentoring Initiative, Rashid Iqbal, said: “This poll reflects our concerns that many children are living without positive role models.

“If children are not looking up to adults this is not the children’s fault. Both parents and society at large have a responsibility to enact a change of heart in our society and actually live by the values that they espouse and be strong and positive role models, providing continuity and support to a child or young person’s life.”

Homer Simpson was voted the worst role model by the 2006 people involved with the survey.