Cheryl Cole has revealed she would love to get a full back tattoo.

The former X Factor judge, who already has a growing collection of tattoos, including designs on her leg, lower back and the edge of her hand, admitted she found tattoos ‘addictive’.

Cheryl told the December issue of InStyle magazine: “They are addictive, they really are. If it was up to me – and I could be brave for one day – I would have my whole back done.

“My friends say ‘Cheryl, please, you might regret it’ – but to me, it’s art.”

Cheryl added: “You should have whatever you want and do what you want – what’s beautiful is being you. People are too judgmental and have too much to say about other people.”

Despite winning plaudits for her style, she said she finds it hard to keep up the glamour.

“Whenever my friends and family ask me what I want for Christmas, it’s always a fluffy pair of pyjamas. When I have the most beautiful pair of heels on, I’m always dying to take them off.

“I used to get in trouble on The X Factor, because we would come back from the ad break and I was always at the judges’ table, trying to get my shoes back on. Sitting there during the auditions all day in heels, it was killer. Can you imagine? And the audience would laugh.”

Cheryl also told how late singer Amy Winehouse – who died after a booze binge – introduced her to drinking Jack Daniel’s.

“I like a drink if it’s a night out. Amy Winehouse once got me on to Jack Daniel’s and lemonade, which sounds strange, but it’s really refreshing,” she said.