Cheryl: ‘I never want to see or hear you again’

Despite earlier reports that Cheryl Cole was walking away from her and husband Ashley’s home, papers now say she wants a 50/50 split of all their joint assets.

And the Daily Mirror reports her saying she wants him out of her life completely.

“I never want to see or hear from you ever again. Please respect that,” she said on Wednesday, after filing for divorce on Tuesday.

Cheryl will reportedly revert to her maiden name of Tweedy and move to Los Angeles for a year.

Although The X Factor judge wants none of the Chelsea footballer’s annual income, she’s demanding an equal split of their assets, including their £6 million Surrey mansion.

An insider told the Mirror: “She doesn’t want his cash, but she does want her half of their marital assets. Cars, houses, the whole lot will be sold off and split between them.

“Any trace of Ashley will be expunged from her life. It’s brutal, but Cheryl believes it is the only way she can move on and get on with her life.

“She believes her demands are within reason and acceptable to all parties. The house is her only concern, as well as getting custody of their pet chihuahua dogs Coco and Buster and half their wedding gifts.”