Cheryl: It’s irresponsible to judge girls’ sizes

New X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has admitted there is too much pressure on young girls to lose weight.

The Girls Aloud star – whose own super-skinny figure has been frequently commented on – told Hello! magazine that scrutinising girls’ sizes is irresponsible.

Cheryl said: “There’s too much pressure on women on their size these days. Girls are constantly being told they’re either too fat or too thin, which is irresponsible.”

The 25-year-old revealed her husband Ashley Cole has been feeding her up with sweet treats.

She said: “The best thing Ashley ever bought me was a big tray of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

“They were customised into a heart shape especially for me because he knows I love them. It was a wonderful surprise; men don’t usually think of things like that.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl told Heat magazine her footballer husband prefers her looking natural. The new X Factor judge revealed: “When I’ve got no make-up on, hair scraped off my head he always says ‘Oh you look cute!’ because it’s the complete opposite to how he’s used to seeing me everyday.

“Women think that men think you look best all dolled up, but as a band Girls Aloud are always so dressed up, so I’m preferred in my trackie with my hair up and no make-up. My work gear is most people’s going out for dinner look, so it’s the other way round.

“If Ashley went and bought something for me it would probably be a tracksuit.”