Cheryl Cole will swap her judging seat for the stage this weekend to perform her new single, Promise This, on Sunday night’s results show.

It will be the first time Cheryl has performed on the stage since she sang her first solo single Fight For This Love during last year’s show.

A spokesman for Cheryl has confirmed that she will be singing live – despite an energy-charged dance routine.

According to The Sun, a source has said: “Cheryl will be dancing and singing at the same time. She’s really excited about it and has been practising non-stop.

“Like last year it will be spectacular with lots of backing dancers on stage.

“The song is released the next day and she’s hoping it will fly into the number one slot which would really enhance her repuation as a solo artist outside of Girls Aloud.”

Last year almost 15 million viewers tuned in to watch Cheryl’s X Factor performance but ITV bosses are expecting even bigger figures this weekend as 15.2 million watched Katy Perry and Diana Vickers on last week’s show.

As well as appearing in the main X Factor show on Saturday night and the results show on Sunday, Cheryl will open up about her failed marriage to Ashley Cole on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which follows The X Factor on Saturday night at 10pm.

Watch Cheryl in the music video for Promise This: