Cheryl ‘to use X Factor to launch US career’

Cheryl Cole is set to use her reported job on the US version of X Factor as a springboard to stardom in the States, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that a huge publicity campaign is being planned to promote the Girls Aloud singer when her job on the judging panel is confirmed.

She will also reportedly be given the chance to promote her music on the show, as Jennifer Lopez has done on the current series of American Idol.

A very detailed strategy to make sure Cheryl is a success is in place,” a source told the paper. “Within a year she’s expected to be one of the biggest names in America.

“Every major magazine and TV channel is desperate to be involved with her. They know she’s going to become a major pop-culture phenomenon as soon as the deal is announced.”

The insider added that it now looked almost certain Cheryl would take her place on the panel, despite reports that she would be sidelined in favour of a big American star such as Mariah Carey.

“He’s never been afraid of putting a Brit on the panel,” the source said. “He did it with Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent and he is now one of the biggest names in the States.

“Cheryl will be just as successful. The Yanks are going to love her!”

Meanwhile, the paper also reports that ITV bosses are considering moving the next series of the show from the autumn to the New Year, in order to keep both Simon and Cheryl as judges.

There has been speculation that the pair will quit the UK edition of the show in favour of the US show, which is due to make its debut this autumn – around the same time that the next series will be screened in the UK.

“ITV is looking at a range of options to find a way to keep Simon and Cheryl. But changing dates would play havoc with ITV’s schedule and the X Factor auditions have already begun,” the insider revealed.

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