A linguist has warned The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole not to try and lose her Geordie accent in a bid to make it big in the US.

The 25-year-old is set to begin elocution lessons after Simon Cowell booked her in with a top Hollywood voice coach.

He has said that she should try and soften her accent in a bid to achieve US stardom.

However experts have said that Cheryl’s accent is part of her appeal and changing the way she speaks could actually harm her image in the UK.

“In the UK, the Geordie accent is viewed very positively and studies of accents consistently show that it is considered friendly, honest, and generally attractive,” said Joan Beal, professor of English language at the University of Sheffield.

“The USA is notoriously insular. We know that a very large percentage of Americans don’t own a passport, so they are not aware of the range of accents in the UK.

“There are lots of voice coaches who claim to be able to soften regional accents, and I’m sure Cheryl would have access to reputable ones who’ve worked successfully with actors.”

Cowell has expressed fears that American audiences would struggle to understand Cheryl’s speech, after some fans of the US channel BBC Americaadmitted they struggled to understand what Northern stars such as Ant and Dec and Robson Green were saying.