Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley have ushered in a new dawn for breakfast television.

The ex-One Show hosts welcomed viewers to their inaugural programme on ITV1’s Daybreak on Monday, saying: “Good morning,” as they sat overlooking a London skyline in their new Southbank studio.

“It’s a beautiful scene,” Bleakley said of the backdrop, with Chiles adding: “We spent a lot of money bringing you this view.”

The launch show, which replaces long-running GMTV, follows an extensive advertising and publicity campaign and boasted an appearance by the former prime minister Tony Blair.

He joined Chiles and Bleakley for his first live UK television interview since publication of the book, A Journey.

The Prince of Wales also makes an appearance on Daybreak later this week from the new studio.

GMTV bowed out on Friday after a 17-year run.