Chocolat and other meals on reels

Couch Potato Pickings

I have a dream that someone one day will set up a film club called  Meals on Reels. For your ticket you’d get a screening of a great foodie film followed by an exquisite dining experience in which a top chef recreates the dishes from the movie.

These are the Top 5 films I’d love to attend if this dream ever becomes a reality:

1. Like Water for Chocolate

This Mexican romantic drama is the perfect appetizer before consuming a menu of morsels cooked with fiery Latin American passion.

2. Eat Drink Man Woman

Tasty Taiwanese treats would go down perfectly after watching Ang Lee’s acclaimed comedy drama.

3. Babette’s Feast

A magical Danish period drama followed by a delicious Danish spread.

4. Big Night

A charming comedy drama topped off by a sumptuous Italian banquet.

5. Chocolat

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