Chris and Stuart face off in London tours task

The Apprentice hopefuls Chris Bates and Stuart Baggs almost come to blows this week as they compete for paying punters on their bus tours of London.

Stuart is project manager of Apollo’s Cockney-themed bus ride, while rival Chris is drumming up business among tourists in Trafalgar Square for Synergy’s Ghosts and Ghouls tour bus, lead by project manager Joanna Riley.

When Stuart interrupts Chris’ pitch to a potential customer, investment banker Chris tells Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’ to go away in the strongest possible terms.

Stuart responds by taunting: “Go on hit me then, you mouth off but why don’t you back it up with substance.”

There is more clashing of personalities and shouting among the other candidates as Joanna lectures team member Jamie Lester on how to conduct their spooky tour properly.

Jamie loses his temper and yells: “You’re driving me nuts!”, to which Joanna responds: “You’re scaring me Jamie! The way you’re reacting, you’re acting like a mad man! Can you calm down please?”

The candidates are all desperate not to end up in the boardroom this week as they all want to be in the final five who go through to the interview round next week.

After being grilled by Lord Sugar and his panel of top advisers, three more candidates will be eliminated and just two will battle it out in the final task on Sunday December 19 to become Lord Sugar’s new Apprentice.

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