Chris Martin ‘meets Jennifer Lawrence’s mum’

Jennifer Lawrence has apparently taken her relationship with Chris Martin to the next level – by introducing him to her mum.

The Hunger Games actress and the Coldplay frontman were rumoured to have begun dating this summer and have been spotted together on several occasions. The couple have even been dubbed ‘Martin Lawrence’ by some..

Now British musician Chris, 37, has reportedly won the approval of 24-year-old Jennifer’s mum, after she flew from Kentucky to meet him.

J-Law’s grandmother Carolyn Koch is said to have told The Sun: “Jennifer’s mum flew to Los Angeles to meet Chris. We will have to get another chair for the dinner table at Christmas. The family is getting so big we might have to split up for gatherings.”

Grandfather Colin added: “Jennifer doesn’t like the hype. She looks like she really enjoys doing TV interviews but she’s just a great actress. She hasn’t changed one bit – she is so humble and down to earth.”

Jennifer split from X-Men: Days Of Future Past co-star Nicholas Hoult earlier this summer while Chris’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow announced their “conscious uncoupling” in March.

The latest installment of The Hunger Games franchise hits cinemas in November. Check out the trailer below…