Chris O’Dowd: ‘I ran away from holiday – just like Martin!’

Chris O’Dowd has revealed that his own family loves Moone Boy, even though it’s based on events from his own childhood.

The Irish actor writes and stars in the comedy drama, which follows the adventures of a young boy, Martin (played by David Rawle), and his imaginary friend Sean (played by Chris).

As Moone Boy returns to Sky1 for a second series next week, Chris admitted his family enjoyed series one.

He said: “Before it came out last time, they were concerned that I was going to slag them off. Of course I do, but they came across really well.”

In the first episode of the new series, young Martin tries to run away from a family holiday.

“That was the closest to reality of any story we’d got,” said Chris. “When I was little, we went on a family holiday to Donegal and I decided I was going to run away. Then I realised I was already away, so decided to run home. I got two miles down the road and got a bit scared, so I went back – but nobody had even noticed I’d gone!”

The episode also focuses on Ireland’s achievements in the 1990 World Cup. “Ireland had very, very few glorious times with football, so it’s our equivalent of the 1966 World Cup,” said Chris, who remains upbeat, despite the national team’s failure to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Brazil. “I feel like we’ve turned a corner, we’ve got a great manager now. The future is ours.”

Moone Boy returns on Monday February 17 at 9pm on Sky1.