Chris Packham: I’m sceptical about urban fox attacks

Chris Packham says it’s a ‘shame’ foxes are getting a bad press in the papers after reports about attacks on humans.

The 52-year-old wildlife star, who’s presenting a feature on urban foxes in the upcoming new series of Autumnwatch, tells TV Times that he’s ‘sceptical’ about the evidence that the animals harm humans.

When asked about foxes’ appalling reputation, Chris replied: “That’s a shame. In recent years, very sadly, they’ve had quite a lot of negative press.

“I’m sceptical about some of that, and whether it’s true or not. I don’t have the evidence to say that it isn’t, but then we don’t have the evidence say that it is.

“So I’m looking forward to meeting the scientists and asking their opinions on that.”

Chris returns with Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games for a new series of Autumnwatch on BBC2 next Tuesday.


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