Chris Packham stung! ‘It was pretty painful, but at least it made the crew laugh!’

Chris Packham‘s love of nature is well documented, but the wildlife lover was left cursing after he got stung on the nose while making a new two-part series on the life of honeybees.

“I’ve been stung plenty of times in my life and I don’t really feel it any more,” explained Chris, who’ll be using cutting edge technology to explore the life of bees in Hive Alive.

“But I was stung right on the tip of my nose while making this one and it was pretty painful! They needed a bit of make-up to cover it up afterwards, but at least it made the crew laugh!”

Chris and Martha Kearney will be joined by bee expert Adam Hart as they learn more about how amazing these creatures are and what they do to help us.

“One of the most amazing things about bees is the way they reproduce,” explains Chris. “When a male mates with a female it has an exploding penis!

“The male uses his blood pressure to push his penis into the body of the female and he does it with such force that the top part ruptures off so powerfully that you can hear the penises popping! Then afterwards the male tumbles to the ground and dies. The whole process takes just two seconds so it makes most men feel a bit better about themselves!”

Hive Alive will screen on BBC Two in mid-July


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