Chris Tarrant returns to kids’ TV

Former Tiswas host Chris Tarrant is making a return to children’s entertainment with a new TV show.

The eight-part series called Tarrant Lets The Kids Loose will probably feature less gunk and goo than Tiswas did 30 years ago.

The new show, commissioned by Watch, will give three to six-year-olds a go at fulfilling their ambitions in the adult world, whether it is running a photographic studio, a radio station or an ice-cream van.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host said of the new series: “They say never work with kids or animals.

“But you know what? They’re wrong! Kids are funny, magical and always surprising.

“What parent hasn’t told an anecdote about the funny things their children say?

“This show totally captures the spirit and the inherent comedy of children – it’s the kind of family entertainment I love.”

Tarrant Lets The Kids Loose begins filming this month and will hit screens in October.