Christine Bleakley ‘faces lawsuit from ex-agent’

Daybreak presenter Christine Bleakley is facing possible legal action from her former agent, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that John Noel – whom she reportedly fired by text earlier in the year before signing her new contract with ITV – plans to sue her for a share of her earnings from the breakfast show.

The agent – who discovered her six years ago when she was working on TV in Northern Ireland, and who masterminded her role on BBC1’s The One Show – claims she owes him a cut of her new deal.

According to him Christine’s contract, which ended on June 3 this year, had a two-month notice period.

He also said that she also owes him commission for up to two years on the deal she signed with ITV later that month to co-host Daybreak with Adrian Chiles.

A spokesman for the 31-year-old said, “The dispute is not principally about money – it’s centred around John Noel Management’s conduct in relation to her.”

Christine quit the BBC earlier this year to join Daybreak, but the show has suffered from disappointing ratings since it began in September.