Christmas EastEnders will see this MASSIVE BOMBSHELL revealed!

EastEnders boss says Sharon will need to watch her back!

EastEnders this Christmas will see Sharon Mitchell’s shock affair with young Keanu Taylor brutally exposed.

Kate Oates, the boss of EastEnders, teased that the Mitchells are in for a disastrous festive period as Phil Mitchell and pregnant Louise Mitchell finally learn that Sharon is carrying Keanu’s baby!

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell in bed with Keanu Taylor

Keanu and Sharon’s passionate affair is set to cause huge heartache this Christmas

At the heart of the drama is a bitter Mel Owen, who’s been torn apart by the death of her son Hunter and has been blackmailing Sharon over her baby secret.

Kate told The Sun that Sharon needs “to watch her back” as Mel is so “driven”.

“That’s a really big drive through autumn, and then it’s going to be a massive story at Christmas,” said Kate.

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EastEnders Mel Owen and Sharon are at the hospital

A bitter Mel is blackmailing Sharon

And Kate added that the drama will pull in other characters into the plot who you might not expect.

“What I like about it is all the fall out, if I asked you to guess the fall out now, you wouldn’t guess what we’ve got.”

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell in EastEnders

Phil’s going to have a lot to think about this Christmas

Kate, then, is clear that the Mitchells will take centre stage this Christmas in EastEnders. She bills it as being a “big Mitchell extravaganza”. But, it appears she wants to dish up a few massive twists into the mix and throw viewers off the scent of where the action is going.

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While it’s a “classic affair” expose, Kate continued: “We want it to go differently with this so we have.”

So, how will Phil react when he learns the truth? Will Keanu be forced to flee Walford for his life? And who else is going to be dragged into the Mitchell crisis? And how low will Mel go in her bid for revenge?

Watch EastEnders this Christmas to find out!

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