Christmas in Walford: EastEnders bosses reveal THIS huge storyline will take centre stage

There's always plenty of drama in EastEnders at Christmas time, but just wait until you see what soap bosses have got in store this year...

Summer might be over for another year, but soap fans are in for a treat as autumn storylines start to take off. And after a huge start to September, EastEnders bosses have revealed that things are only going to get more exciting as we head towards Christmas.

Christmas is always a huge event in soapland, with some of the biggest storylines of the year playing out on screen… and EastEnders boss Kate Oates has promised that 2019 will be bigger than ever.

Speaking at a recent press event, Kate told What’s On TV: “We’ve got really exciting Christmas plans and we also have our 35th anniversary in February next year, so we have got some awesome stuff coming up. It’s going to be pretty relentless and non stop!”

Sharon and Keanu together

Sharon and Keanu will take centre stage in EastEnders this Christmas

But which characters are going to be taking centre stage as the festive season hits Walford? “Sheanu is going to blow up, I think it is pretty safe to say that’s going to be pretty big at Christmas time.”

But Sharon and Keanu’s on/off affair isn’t going to be the only drama heading for Walford this Christmas…

“We’re pushing Whitney to the front of the show,” continues Kate. “What is happening at the moment is just one chapter in her story. Over the next 18 months she learns from everything that has happened and you’re going to see more from her heading into Christmas.”

EastEnders - Ben, Whitney, Callum

There is also plenty of drama to come for Whitney

Chantelle and Gray Atkins’ seemingly perfect marriage is also going to take centre stage…

“We’ve got some great stuff with Chantelle and Gray. That storyline will be continuing. We’ve been building it quite gently, very deliberately and building the public perception within the Square of what kind of man Gray is and they kind of marriage they have.”

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But Chantelle and Gray’s marriage isn’t going to be the only relationship that will be explored. “Tiff and Keegan’s burgeoning romance is lovely. It’s a wonderful dynamic, superbly performed by those two. There’s a real chemistry between them, loads of warmth and we’re really investing in that.”

EastEnders Mick Carter and Linda Carter

Linda and Mick have also got a dramatic winter ahead of them (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders’ executive producer Jon Sen has also revealed that the Carter family have some drama coming up… “I’m really excited about a Carter storyline we have got on the table, and we’re also really investing in Honey’s relationship with Adam that is bubbling away.”

Honey now knows about Adam’s infidelity, but until now she hasn’t found the right way to address it with her other half… “She will take action,” promises Jon. “There’s no doubt about it!”

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC1.

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