Claudia Winkleman: ‘I was told to get my fringe under control!’

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman has revealed some extreme criticism that forced her into a new hairstyle.

She joked to What’s on TV: “Somebody I work with told me to get my fringe under control! They said ‘It’s like you’re having a laugh, and you’re really irritating to watch’.

“It was fair enough. We’re good friends, and I welcome criticism.”

Chatting to What’s on TV during an interview about the new series of The Great British Sewing Bee, Claudia continued: “I never watch footage of myself, I’m so annoying! That’s why I’ve never improved. I’d vomit [if I had to watch myself]. It’s the same as hearing yourself leave a voice message – only worse.

“I think I’m a bit shrill, a bit annoying and I’ve an enormous amount of hair over my face!

“I don’t have mirrors in my house, really, because I don’t believe in what we look like. I also have very bad eyesight. So in my head I’m like a supermodel!

She also joked about her unique formula for winning over the contestants on BBC2’s The Great British Sewing Bee:

“They were very good at ignoring me. If you’re sewing you just want to sew, you don’t want me in your face, being a moron with a massive fringe, asking ‘Did you always want to use red thread on that?’ So I bake for them to try and win them round!”

The new six-part series of The Great British Sewing Bee starts on BBC2 on Tuesday, with Claudia working alongside judges May Martin and Patrick Grant.

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