Cold Feet star Helen’s sick of playing nice

Helen Baxendale has said she never really ‘got to grips’ with her roles in the hit series Cold Feet and Friends.

She told The Stage newspaper that she found her character, Rachel, hard to play in Cold Feet.

“She was described as ‘the ideal girlfriend’ and it was just so lacking in anything. I never really felt at ease with that character. But I kept with the series – I’m not stupid.”

It seems she didn’t have any more affection for her role as Ross’s girlfriend Emily in the hit series Friends – where there were reports of difficult relationships with her co-stars.

“Emily started out as quite a well-formed character and then I think they were confused as to what they wanted to do with the actual series. I got told I had to be a nice girl, like in Cold Feet – which is just aargh!”

Since the last series of Cold Feet in 2003, Helen, 38, has eased down on work, preferring to spend time with her three children, although she’s currently appearing in the West End with Christian Slater in Swimming With Sharks.