Colin Farrell ‘takes tramp on shopping spree’

Hollywood actor Colin Farrell has apparently taken a Canadian tramp on a large shopping trip to kit him out with all he needs.

The kind-hearted Irish actor – who is in Toronto promoting his latest film Cassandra’s Dream – bought the local man, known as Stress, new clothes and outdoor gear, according to Metro newspaper.

“Get him anything he wants. Whatever he needs,” he was quoted as telling staff at Toronto’s Europe Bound Travel Outfitters, before paying £1000 for the goods – which included a coat, a sleeping bag and a rucksack stuffed with socks, boots and new underwear.

Store manager Dave Mott said: “He was a cool guy. He didn’t act like a movie star.

“It was like they were best buddies. The homeless guy was going around, grabbing stuff. Everything was top line.”

After the shopping trip, Colin – who once starred in the hit BBC drama Ballykissangel – apparently went to the nearest cashpoint and withdrew a wad of notes for Stress.

“I’m all set up,” Stress told passers-by. “This is my chance to get off the street.”

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