Comic quipster Milton Jones says he’s working on a BBC sitcom he’ll star in

Milton Jones has said he is working on a new BBC sitcom which he will star in.

The comedian gave an online interview about the new programme, with British Comedy Guide reporting him explaining: “We’re working on something for the BBC at the moment. Hopefully we get there in the end, but it’s a long slow process. I don’t know what the title will be, but it’s me and my dad in a shop.”

Milton’s programme will be about his dad wanting to retire from the shop and hoping to pass on the business to his awkward son.

He went on: “It’s a pound shop and [the father] wants to put me in charge of it, but I’m incompetent basically, so he can’t retire.”

So far, the show doesn’t have a name, but Milton said he felt hopeful that it would eventually be commissioned.

He said: “We’ve done two scripts – we’ve got a reading – we’ll see.”