Coming Soon | Trailers for animal mayhem movies Zookeeper and Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mall Cop‘s Kevin James stars as our hero of the story in this family comedy, out this summer. If you loved Doctor Dolittle and Brother Bear, then you’ll love the slapstick humour and cuddly love story of Zookeeper.

From the director of Click and The Waterboy, Rosario Dawson stars as Kate, the object of lowly Griffin Keyes’s (Kevin James) desires. In an effort to prove his true commitment to the femme fatal, Griffin enlists the help of a host of furry friends to get in touch with his wild side. The film benefits from a significant update in technology since previous talking animal films, to produce realistic and endearing zoological amigos.


Out in cinemas from 29 July

The boundlessly energetic Jim Carrey stars in Mr. Popper’s Penguins as a kooky New York businessman who inherits a rag-tag bunch of the tuxedoed birds. Light-hearted fun, featuring Mr. Popper’s attempts to keep a handle on his six penguin pals, each with an individual personality — watch out for Bitey!


Out in cinemas from 5 August

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