Competition | Gush about your favourite Nicolas Cage role and win a Bad Lieutenant DVD!

We’re huge fans of Nicolas Cage here at Movie Talk (ok, probably only 1/5 of us, but still, HUGE)!

We’ve remembered his birthday, discussed his hair or lack thereof, told you a personal story about his personal assistant and, more recently, gushed about his crazy acting in Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant – the not-remake of Albert Ferrara’s 1992 movie starring a dangerously deranged Harvey Keitel.

Sure, the guy’s made some really awful movies, but he has also shown us how brilliant he can be in a more challenging role.

Tell us: Which is your favourite Nicolas Cage movie role and why?

Leave your comments on our Movie Talk Facebook page before 4pm on Thursday 19 May. Best motivated reply gets a copy of Bad Lieutenant.

If you’re a HUGE fan too then visit us again soon as we’ll be telling you all about Nic’s latest movie, Drive Angry and, generous as we are, we’ll be giving a li’l sumthin’ away again…

Bad Lieutenant is showing on Sky Movies Premiere from 10pm tonight.


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