We got a whole bunch of gnomey suggestions of movie remakes. Head over to the Movie Talk Facebook page to read them all.

We had to pick five though as we’ve only got five prizes. Here are the ideas that most tickled our imagination:

“Buffy the gnome slayer…. Buffy patrols gardens late at night ready to slay the culprits that make gardens look…gnomey!” as suggested by Michelle Murray

“I Gnome What You Did Last Summer – a tongue in cheek horror about a novelty gnome that receives photos of his travels around the worlds landmarks the previous summer along with gruesome threats” as suggested by Kat Walsh

“Sex and the Gnome Garden, it just conjures up bizarre images of high flying, fashionista executive female gnomes who aren’t satisfied with male gnomes so want human partners instead……..ok so my imagination just ran right” as suggested by Leanne Bucknall

“Pretty Gnome – The greatest gnome love story of all time, where a rich business gnome, whisks a fallen gnome out of obscurity into riches. I would love to see the shop scene – the fallen gnome wants too buy a new pointy hat, but is refused, but returns later with bags full of curly toed shoes, pointy hats and rouge for the red circles on her face and says ‘You refused to serve me earlier…. big mistake; huge’!!!” as suggested by Cate Smethurst

“No country for old gnomes – noooo, I’m not talking about a geriatric facility but a thriller with murderous gnomes, hitman gnomes and the goody goody sheriff gnomes. Those short little legs would take a hell of a pounding in this racy thriller!” as suggested by Sarah Laycock

And a special mention (but sadly no prize…) to Sue Harrison for her suggestion of “Dirty Dancing… Gnobody puts baby in the corner”.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for entertaining us here at Movie Talk HQ.