Confusion is growing over the future of Cheryl Cole’s marriage to footballer Ashley after conflicting reports appeared in the Sunday papers.

The Sunday Mirror is reporting that X Factor judge plans to begin divorce proceedings against Ashley this week, following revelations that he had cheated on her with at least four other women.

However the paper adds that Cheryl wants a quickie divorce – and is seeking nothing from her husband in return.

“Cheryl has turned a corner and is now ready to move on. But she doesn’t want a messy divorce – it must be as quick and as amicable as possible,” a friend told the paper.

“She’s not looking to profit and was never with him for his money. She doesn’t want a penny from him.”

However, the News Of The World says that Cheryl plans to have a six-month ‘cooling off’ period before deciding whether or not to divorce Ashley or give him another chance.

“Cheryl has decided to take a deep breath and wait before she makes a final decision,” a source said.

“Deep down, she knows the marriage should be over. But her love for Ashley hasn’t gone.

“She’s going to take a few months before she starts any formal proceedings. That will be after the World Cup and it gives Ashley a bit of a reprieve.”

The friend added that if Cheryl does divorce Ashley, she would be unlikely to call in a high-profile legal team.

“It would be done behind closed doors, between the two of them. Cheryl would never have some sort of big public battle.”