The BBC announced that A Year With the Queen will screen despite the controversy over the faked edit of the Queen apparently losing her rag.

Director of BBC Vision Jana Bennett said the five-part series, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, which portrays the working lives of the Royal Family, will screen before Christmas on BBC One.

“There has never been any doubt about the integrity of the films themselves: they are a serious and important look at the way the monarchy works.

“With exceptional access, viewers will get a remarkable picture of the work of The Royal Family over the course of a year.”

The episode, A Year With the Queen, has been troubled by an incident where the creative director faked two scenes to make it look as if the Queen was storming out of a photo-shoot in a huff.

The producer responsible, RDF Media boss Stephen Lambert, resigned over the film, while BBC One controller Peter Fincham eventually followed suit.