Convicted sex offender Max Clifford had a partner in crime who has yet to be brought to justice.The mystery figure helped him sexually abuse a teenager by pretending to be Bond film producer Cubby Broccoli, reports the Express newspaper.

Since celebrity publicist Clifford, 71, was jailed for eight years on May 2, other women have come forward with allegations which Scotland Yard says are being assessed. Detectives will be keen to interview them to try to unmask his accomplice.

The unknown man’s role in Clifford’s perverted activities was described by trial judge Anthony Leonard at Southwark Crown Court in London.

One victim, aged 18 or 19, encountered the ­millionaire publicist at the Xenon nightclub off London’s ­Piccadilly.

The judge said: “As she left the dance area you approached her and asked her if she would be interested in acting.

“You enticed her by saying you could get her a screen test for a Bond film.

“You pretended to telephone Cubby Broccoli and when the person on the other end of the telephone spoke to her she was told that, before she could get a screen test, she had to do something else.

“He asked her if Max Clifford was circumcised and asked her to look.

“He had to say it again and you stood beside her smiling.

“You then led her by the hand to the gentlemen’s lavatory and, once inside, locked the door.”

Clifford then got the teenager to perform a sex act on him.

He used the same sinister method to sexually assault a woman of 20 who also wanted to be an actress. She was told she would be perfect for a role in a Charles Bronson film.

The judge said: “You engineered a telephone conversation between her and either you or someone who was in cahoots with you pretending to be Bronson.

“She was encouraged to believe that Bronson was interested in her starring in his film.

“When you reappeared you lunged towards her and tried to kiss her.

“She was really frightened and she was screaming at you to leave her alone.”

The assaults took place between 30 and 37 years ago.

Clifford is believed to have been taken to Wandsworth jail in south London but may later be sent to an open prison.