Cora Cross could ruin Max’s chances of getting baby Abi in surprise return

Cora Cross has a cunning plan...

No nonsense Cora Cross will return to EastEnders next month as the fight for custody of baby Abi boils over.

Cora, played by Ann Mitchell, was last seen in Albert Square in February when she went to the funeral of her granddaughter Abi Branning, baby Abi’s mum.

She’s been desperate to make sure that grandad Max – who’s with drug addict wife Rainie (Tanya Franks) so he can gain custody – isn’t the one in charge of little Abi’s future.

Rainie and Max

However, in a big twist, Cora returns to Albert Square and surprisingly lets Max (Jake Wood) spend some time with the tot. The big question is why? Is this all part of a big game to make it crystal clear to everyone that Max isn’t suitable to look after a baby?

An insider told The Mirror: “Max and Rainie are stunned when Cora shows up out of the blue with little Abi and are even more shocked when she allows them to spend time with her.

“It soon becomes clear she has an ulterior motive… is she about to ruin their chances of getting baby Abi?”

Given Max’s track record and Cora’s opinion of him, it would be logical to conclude this might be her plan!

Cora has always been a hugely popular character and fans were delighted when she again returned to the soap last December.

EastEnders continues on BBC1.