Corden reveals upset at cutting Adele off (VIDEO)

Brits host James Corden says he held out as long as possible before cutting short Adele’s crowning moment – and said he had actually been told to move in after she said ‘Thank you’.

The presenter, who prompted jeers when he wound up the singer’s speech after a matter of moments, said it would have been better to delay the ITV news.

The controversy overshadowed the event as she was robbed of her chance to shine at the climax of the show after taking the most prestigious prize.

James called the incident ‘upsetting and disappointing’.

The actor was forced to move as time ran out despite the entire show building to the presentation of the best album prize, with Adele’s 21 taking the honours.

James told Radio 5 Live: “The truth is that just after Adele said ‘Thank you’ people were saying ‘You have to go in now’. I said ‘I can’t’.

“I said ‘How can you cut her off?’ The whole room was on its feet and they said ‘You’ve got to do it now’. And then essentially it was just such a surreal moment and everything you can hear in your ear is about five people having an argument and there’s one overriding voice saying ‘James, you have to.'”

Adele picked up the best British female prize in addition to best album and her wins came little over a week after she collected six prizes at the US Grammys.

The singer was so frustrated by being cut off in her prime that she aimed a one finger gesture to ‘the suits’ who ordered her off.