Coronation Street bosses are apparently decking out the Rovers Returns with stunt props for a spectacular fight scene.

Preparations are being made for an episode in which Becky Grainger, played by Katherine Kelly, launches a frenzied attack on lover Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) after he dumps her.

Jason decides to go to Italy to rekindle his relationship with estranged wife Sarah – but when Becky finds out and Jason pops into the Rovers to say goodbye, the barmaid erupts in fury and grabs him by the throat.

The scenes are apparently so savage that parts of the bar are being replaced with collapsible replicas and stunt mats have been sewn into the Rovers’ furniture, according to reports in The Sun.

A springboard has also been fitted behind the bar to help propel a raging Becky onto Jason.

An insider said: “Bar fittings will all be replaced with breakaway look-a-likes. Any sharp edges or hard surfaces around the fight area are to be padded or removed.”

Producers on the ITV1 soap are also said to have hired a nurse and stunt co-ordinator to ensure that the scenes are as convincing as possible.

The source added: “We don’t want anyone getting hurt but we do want the scenes to be eye-poppingly realistic. It’s all going to look like a movie sequence.”

The scenes are expected to air later this year.