Aidan reduces fans to tears as he offers to be Carla’s kidney donor

Viewers took to social media to praise the storyline

As Carla continues to battle her aggressive kidney disease, fans have taken to social media to praise Alison King and Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan, for their portrayal of the storyline.

As Coronation Street fans will know, Aidan recently volunteered to be sister Carla’s donor for her much-needed transplant – something that has tugged at viewers’ heartstrings.

One wrote: ‘This Aidan and Carla Connor storyline is making me cry. What an amazing and well portrayed storyline.’

Another said: ‘Omg @shaynetward tears at #Aidan #Carla #Corrie storyline, very brave x.’

A third added: ‘Awww Aidan and Carla! #Corrie.’

But, after Friday night’s episode, some fans are worried Aidan might be regretting his brave offer.

‘Is it just me that thinks that Aidan is gonna pull out of donating at the last minute?’ Wrote one viewer, while another said: ‘Aidan better not back out at the last minute… Oh, he’s going to, isn’t he?’

Shayne recently tweeted about the storyline himself, writing: ‘Just watched tonight’s @itvcorrie. Time to save my sister. Love my Connor family.’

Do you think Aidan is going to pull out?

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