See what Jim and Liz McDonald’s mysterious daughter looks like as Coronation Street ‘casts’ theatre star Hannah Ellis Ryan

Hannah Ellis Ryan set to cause a storm in Corrie as Jim and Liz's "dead" daughter

Coronation Street has reportedly cast theatre star Hannah Ellis Ryan in the role of Jim and Liz McDonald’s long last daughter.

Australian actress Hannah Ellis Ryan, who has been in various plays including Things We Want and runs Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre, is said by The Sun to have won the role.

It’s previously been reported that hardman Jim will be accompanied by his secret daughter when he returns to Weatherfield later this year.

Corrie fans of a certain vintage will recall that Jim (Charlie Lawson) and his ex Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) had a baby daughter called Katie back in 1992, who died after being born prematurely.

However, Jim reveals that there was a huge mistake at the hospital causing a mix up which means that their daughter didn’t die after all. In fact, she was adopted by a couple before moving to Australia.

The arrival of Jim and Liz’s mysterious daughter is expected to cause turmoil on The Street, not least for Liz who will have to deal with suddenly finding out her “dead daughter” is alive and well.

Hannah Ellis Ryan is listed on her acting CV as having music and dance skills, plus horse-riding skills – we’re not sure how useful they will be in Weatherfield, though!

Coronation Street continues on ITV.