Coronation Street fans arguing over THIS after last night’s episodes

Should Chesney be with Emma or Gemma? Viewers can't agree!

Last night’s trip to Coronation Street saw Angie and George heading off for South Africa, Gina reveal the shocking news that Duncan’s dead wife is actually still very much alive, and Liz work out it was Jenny who ran her down, not Johnny.

But what has really got fans talking is the on-going debate of whether Chesney should be with Gemma or Emma!

After Friday’s episode saw Chesney and Gemma almost kiss, it is clear that poor Chesney doesn’t know if he is coming or going when it comes to the women in his life.

Gemma tells Chesney she made a mistake,

Who should Chesney be with?

But last night saw Gemma take his rejection badly, and she claimed that their near kiss was a mistake and told Chesney some nasty home truths to try and make herself feel better.

However, while Chesney was struggling to get his head around the fact Gemma – who he has been lusting after for months – might actually like him too, there’s also just the small matter of his lovely girlfriend Emma to complicates matters.

Poor Emma saw the whole near kiss and is convinced that the reason Chesney didn’t turn up for their date is because he is secretly having a fling with Gemma.

Chesney tries to put things right, and after Gemma has unleashed her anger at him, he decided that Emma is the safer bet out of the two women and tries to build bridges with her.

By the end of last night’s second episode Chesney and Emma were back on, leaving Gemma utterly heartbroken, especially because the main reason she pushed Chesney away was because of her troublesome brother, Paul.

Some Coronation Street fans were thrilled to see Emma and Chesney back on track, loving their cute romance together…

But with their amazing friendship and brilliant banter, other fans are desperate to see Gemma  and Chesney become a couple…

With her brother Paul hanging around and threatening to expose secrets from Gemma’s past, it doesn’t look like she will have too much time to pine over her missed romance with Chesney.

What happened before she came to Weatherfield that she is so desperate to keep hidden? Only time will tell…

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