Coronation Street fans in stitches as THIS storyline is completely forgotten

One scene last night had Coronation Street fans in fits of laughter...

Last night’s Coronation Street saw Gail Platt throwing a special party to celebrate her birthday, but in true Corrie style there was a comedy element to the bash that got fans talking.

The party for Gail’s birthday was supposed to be so huge that she shipped her grandchildren off for the evening to the cinema, and planned to party the night away with her friends and family.

Audrey and Gail Coronation Street ITV

Gail’s birthday party didn’t quite go to plan last night (Picture: ITV)

However, things didn’t quite go to plan when everyone started cancelling, and it ended up just being Gail and her mum, Audrey, at the bash.

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But while it might not have been the celebration that Gail planned, fans were delighted with the comedy double act that Gail and Audrey gave us – with actresses Helen Worth and Sue Nicholls delivering their lines with perfection.

Audrey and Gail Coronation Street ITV

Audrey was tucking into the wine, with hilarious consequences! (Picture: ITV)

The scene, which was the epitome of classic Coronation Street, left fans wanting more drunk Gail and Audrey time as they polished off Audrey’s new Portuguese wine that she had bought, but there was one line in particular that had viewers in stitches.

As Gail listed the people coming to the party, she said that Sally might pop in for a bit… only for Audrey to enquire whether Yasmeen would be joining them, clearly forgetting a huge storyline that has recently taken place.

Audrey and Gail Coronation Street ITV

Audrey asked if Yasmeen would be coming to the party, forgetting that she was currently in prison (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street fans will know that Yasmeen is currently locked up in a prison cell after attacking husband Geoff with a wine bottle, and it was left to Gail to set her mum straight…

“She’s facing an attempted murder charge, mum…”

“Oh yes, I knew she had something on!” Audrey replied.

And fans couldn’t get enough…

But the comedy one liners didn’t stop there, Audrey also failed to notice that her great grandchildren weren’t in the house, even though she had been there for a good hour.

When Sarah arrived briefly to tell them she wouldn’t make the party because she had to help Adam with the kids, drunk Audrey looked half-heartedly towards the garden and said: “Oh yes, I thought they were quiet!”

Audrey and Gail Coronation Street ITV

Fans are calling for more drunk Audrey and Gail scenes (Picture: ITV)

With fans calling for more scenes like this between the mother and daughter duo, let’s hope the writers are listening…

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