Coronation Street fans DIVIDED after THIS heartbreaking scene last night

Coronation Street fans have found themselves torn between Gary Windass and Sarah Platt as the pair split...

Last night’s Coronation Street saw Sarah Platt finally ditch Gary Windass over his loan shark lies…  but while some fans think their split was a long time coming, others are sad to see the couple go their separate ways.

Gary has been lying to Sarah for weeks about his financial woes, and while he has been desperately trying to pay off dangerous loan shark Rick, he’s also been trying to protect Sarah and Harry from the villain.

But when Rick decided Gary could pay back his money by working for him as a debt collector, Sarah realised he was up to no good after seeing him heading to work in a suit.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass meets Rick’s sinister sidekick

Rick has been making Gary do his dirty work for him…

As the penny finally dropped for Sarah, Gary was forced to come clean about the extent of his troubles… and she was fuming that she’d been kept in the dark for so long.

Eventually Sarah saw red when she discovered the true identity of Gary’s loan shark, realising it was the man who’d been invited into their house and played with her son.

With this latest revelation soon becoming the final straw, Sarah packed Gary’s belongings, and finally threw him out.

As Sarah threw her engagement ring back at Gary, delivering some harsh home truths at the same time, lots of Coronation Street fans rejoiced…

But not everyone was team Sarah last night. Plenty of Coronation Street fans feel sorry for Gary, and think he deserves a bit of a break…

As this week continues Gary will desperately try and win Sarah back, but will his plan work?

Tomorrow evening’s episodes will see Sarah reluctantly agree to go for a drink with her ex fiancé, and Gary is thrilled to get the chance to tell her how desperately sorry he is for letting her down.

But will Sarah listen to what Gary has to say this time, or has she already made up her mind that their relationship is over?

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